Anti-dumping, International Trade & WTO


Anti-Dumping, International Trade & WTO

The team has rich and unique experience in the sphere of international trade laws relating to trade remedial measures like anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures. The team has been engaged by the exporters and importers in some contentious trade remedy cases in India across all sectors including telecommunications, technology, chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) etc.

The team represents legitimate commercial interests of foreign exporters, importers (within the Indian industry) as well as the consumers at large from the stage of initiation of investigation to the finalization of the proceedings before the administrative and quasi- judicial bodies, appellate authorities, high courts of various states of India and the Supreme Court of India. The team also has the requisite experience to advise and defend the interests of Indian industries before similar investigating authorities around the world.

The team provides research support, consultancy services apart from rendering practicable advice to foreign exporters, Indian importers and consumer groups on the following:

  • Commercial transactions including negotiations and documentation on International Trade, anti-dumping law, counter-veiling duties, safeguards, etc.
  • Filling and responding to anti-dumping petitions, responding to questionnaires, working out the pricing, price undertaking; representation before designated authority
  • Commenting on preliminary or final results applicability of provisional duty and appeals; through the submission of briefs, and participation in hearing and in annual reviews
  • Legal analysis, preparation of complaints, consultations, settlement negotiations, preparation of legal and factual submission, making oral submissions, adjudication and implementation of dispute settlement reports. We keep close watch on initiation of antidumping, counter-veiling, safeguard cases in India and study the impact of the same on industry in question
  • Keeping track of preliminary and final findings on most of the antidumping, counter- veiling, safeguard cases initiated in India
  • Bilateral agreements, free trade agreements (FTAs), market access initiatives, foreign trade policy etc.
  • Trade reports on various sectors