Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting



The team has experience in advising companies operating in entertainment, print and digital media and broadcasting sectors.

The team offers guidance to domestic and international clients on India’s comprehensive entertainment, media and advertising laws for advice on the creation, production and dissemination of advertising across all media, particularly interactive technology and consumer-generated content. The team focuses on transactions, counselling as well as contentious work pertaining to false advertising cases, internet advertising and pre-sale promotional trademark use.

The team advises on all aspects of advertising from agency formation and M&A to new media and technologies.

The team working on its vast experience operates at the intersection of technology, telecommunication and broadcast, applying new media, data privacy and security expertise to the media and broadcast sector.

The team offers skills to represent studios, sports associations, television and film production houses, independents, new media companies, music companies and television networks in all aspects of the film and broadcasting industry (including entering into complex distribution and licensing agreements). At the practice’s core is the representation of clients in transactions involving issues pertaining to the production and distribution of motion pictures and television programming.

The team’s extensive experience with businesses in the new media, telecommunications and convergence sectors combined with our long-standing relationships and know-how in the entertainment (also gaming), electronics, and financial services industries, is capable of providing a critical link for companies that may have developed valuable content and applications; but are keen on expanding their markets by infusion of fresh capital.

The team advices on whole range of legal and regulatory issues including:

  • Advertising, Media & Broadcasting laws, guidelines, rules and regulations
  • Registrations, licenses and compliances under the relevant regulations
  • Public policy issues and initiatives
  • Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals
  • Television format rights and script options and purchases
  • Talent, performers and key-creatives’ rights, agreements and releases
  • Multi-media, digital and new technology services
  • User generated content and Website and service terms and conditions
  • Agreements including Distribution & Licensing, Master Services, Commissioning, Merchandising and Sponsorship, Music Composer etc.
  • Intellectual Property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs law, moral rights, passing off.
  • Information Technology related issues such as cyber-squatting, spamming
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Defamation pre-publication and post-publication
  • Obscenity, sedition, censorship and content regulation
  • Advisory and assistance in corporate commercial issues including company incorporation etc.
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisitions and related agreements
  • Anti-trust and competition law related issues
  • Legal audit
  • Advisory and assistance on tax related issues.
  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation